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  • Pastor Don Fortner Also Says

    The purpose of God was not, to any degree, frustrated, but perfectly fulfilled in the sin and fall of our father Adam (see Romans 5:21) Basic Bible Doctrine page 184. My take: good point, and, it’s too bad that there was ever any doubt!

  • Pastor Don also says:

    IN THE BEGINNING GOD: This is the foundation of all truth. All true theology, all true religion, begins with this statement. All human religion and philosophy begin with man and work up to God. The scriptures begin with God and work down to man. FROM Basic Bible Doctrine

  • Pastor Don Fortner Says:

    When at last everything which was purposed by our God from eternity has been accomplished, you and I are going to meet God in judgement. (2 Corinthians 5:10-11, Acts 17:31). Page 122 Basic Bible Doctrine My take: Isn’t God awesome?

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